Big Ideas For AP Automation

Making your AP Team vital to growing your Business

  • By leveraging technology, your Accounts Payable organization can improve agility and control which directly translates into increases in Working Capital fueling growth.
  • Top organizations, both large and small, are embracing “touchless” AP processing.
  • Author Peter Drucker was famous for saying, “What gets measured gets improved”, and this saying could not be any more pertinent than to your AP process.
  • Every CFO wants real-time visibility into “company spend”, so they can quickly adapt strategies as market conditions change.
  • Want to free up working capital? Continually optimize your Payables department and it’s processes.

Software Recommendation:


Bill.com is a leading provider of cloud-based software that automates, digitizes and simplifies complex, back-office financial operations for small to medium-size companies. Their “AI-enabled” financial software platform is used to manage end-to-end financial workflows, as well as to process payments, and one of the software’s key strengths is its ability to create automated, seamless and touch-free connections between businesses and their suppliers and clients.



Stampli is an industry leader in AP automation with a proven software platform that gives their users greater visibility into bill payment activities, current invoice status, and payment ownership, promoting improved transparency and accountability. As with most AP automation solutions, Stampli utilizes Aritificial Intelligence (AI) technology to completely automate the AP invoice payment process, as well as to “learn” an organization’s unique payment patterns which results in simplifying GL-coding, automation of approval notifications, and identification of duplicate invoices.



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