Big Ideas For Fixing Broken Processes

Enabling Technology Won’t Fix a Broken Process

  • Companies often look to software and automation to fix processes and improve efficiency; however, here is one crucial tip to remember, technology isn’t the answer to a broken business process!
  • Throwing technology at a problem NEVER solves the problem. When it comes to business processes, automating a bad or inefficient process just makes the bad process run faster – it doesn’t improve it.
  • How can you tell if a process is broken? Unhappy customers; tasks that take too long and/or aren’t completed successfully; frustrated employees; departments blaming each other for balls being dropped, etc.
  • Research shows that most business owners and entrepreneurs know that they ought to systematize their business and processes, but the typical process is a “seat-of-the-pants” system based on whatever the person responsible for the process or activity decided to do.
  • When it comes to having a good process in place, there is never a finish line. Business environments are constantly evolving, making it essential to regularly review and update your processes to avoid breaking them again. 

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The Process Consultant

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