Big Ideas For Cash Flow Growth

Leveraging Technology leads to Cash Flow Growth

  • Of the small & medium-sized businesses that fail, 82% fail due to cash flow issues, showing a clear ongoing problem. Proper cash flow is the defining factor that can make or break businesses.
  • Cash flow keeps your business healthy and strong, able to withstand lean months and accelerate during busy ones.
  • Cash flow forecasting (CFF) can’t tell you if your business venture will be successful, but it can be used as a powerful tool for making great decisions about the direction of your business and taking action toward the goals you want to achieve.
  • Cash flow data is a masterpiece of truth, but human intervention blurs the valuable insights that the data has to offer. Historical data is the true story of a business; consequently, the best way to create a view of the future is to assess what happened in the past.
  • A good cash flow forecasting software platform should give you the answers you need from insights that combine your bills, invoices, and actuals with the budgets you have set, and it should easily sync up with your accounting system.

Software Recommendation:


Float is a cash flow forecasting software that helps users know what is happening with their business’s cash, utilizing cash flow insights that combine bills, invoices and actuals with existing budgets. The software performs a daily sync with the user’s accounting software, eliminating manual updates. Key features include: a “what-if scenario” planning tool, multiple budgeting options, budget vs actual reporting, and easy exports of results in either PDF or CSV file formats.



PlanGuru helps small to medium-sized businesses develop budgeting and financial analytics, rolling forecasts, and strategic plans with the same sophistication done by Fortune 500 firms. The accuracy of the data produced by Float helps businesses be alerted to cash shortages or surpluses well in advance, allowing the business to make better decisions and take the correct action steps. Scenario planning is now a breeze compared to the hours required when using spreadsheets.



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