Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

Let ITCubed help your business make the jump to the cloud with IaaS

Get a Solid, Affordable Foundation with Benefits of IaaS

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers the benefits of physical IT infrastructure (servers, storage and networking) in an on-demand, scalable and pay-as-you-go package. IaaS is an excellent and affordable alternative to buying or leasing data center space, and provides your business with a solid jumping-on point for migrating to cloud computing.

Infrastructure as a Service Benefits by IT Cubed

The benefits of IaaS are numerous, and ITCubed specializes in helping businesses like yours move into the cloud. We deliver everything you need—CPU cores and RAM to storage space and data bandwidth—while you only pay for the resources you consume.

Benefits of IaaS by ITCubed

Cost Savings

Save money on expensive hardware with IaaS. ITCubed takes care of acquiring, setting up, monitoring and maintaining the servers, drives and other equipment. Meanwhile, you pay a regular monthly subscription rate that’s predictable and affordable.

Improved Agility

IaaS empowers your business with faster time to market, boosted productivity and greater mobility. By moving your infrastructure to a service-based model, ITCubed helps you focus time and resources where they belong—on developing innovations for your customers and growth.

Business Continuity

IaaS by ITCubed provides you with a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure. If disaster strikes, you still access the same infrastructure via an Internet connection from wherever you are.

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