Big Ideas For Marketing Automation

Filling the Sales Pipeline with Marketing Automation

  • The “digital revolution” has forever changed the way you should go to the market and fill your Sales Pipeline.
  • Do you really know why some leads convert into paying customers, and others do not?
  • If you can figure out which leads are most likely to become buyers, then you’ll be able to more easily optimize your marketing campaigns to generate better leads.
  • Did you know that when a prospect enters your Website they leave a “digital footprint”? By tracking this “footprint”, you’ll know when these prospects are “sales-ready”.
  • There’s a simple question every CEO should ask when looking at their sales and marketing efforts: “Are our customers worth more than what it costs to sell to them?”

Software Recommendation:

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is a leading CRM platform that has close to 70,000 customers spread out over 100 countries.  Their platform includes marketing, sales, service and website management products, and their “Marketing Hub” module has all the tools necessary for a company to run a successful inbound marketing campaign.  Popular features include: Blog publishing, SEO management, Ad tracking, Social Media management, Video file management, and website visitor “Live Chat” capabilities.



Marketo, an Adobe company, empowers marketers with their “Marketo Engagement Platform” which helps “identify, engage, and accelerate the customer experience.”  The Engagement Platform’s “Marketing Automation” function enables users to: engage the right customers through behavior tracking, easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns, and determine how marketing channels impact revenue.



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