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Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud development and hosting solution that alleviates the burden of provisioning, managing and administering your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on app development and reduce time to market. ITCubed’s Houston IT support can be customized for your specific requirements, and you can quickly access additional resources as the need arises.

PaaS Solutions by ITCubed

Platform as a Service with ITCubed lets you easily develop, run and manage applications while leaving the hassle and complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure to us. Some of our PaaS solutions include application development, data management, network virtualization, shared storage, business analytics, integration, mobility and more.

How can PaaS Solutions by ITCubed help your business?

Increased Elasticity

PaaS gives you the flexibility to quickly burst capacity on demand one day and then scale back the next. You only pay for the capacity you use while gaining the benefits of bi-directional scalability.

Boost Productivity

By adopting PaaS, you offload work from your internal resources to cloud provider resources, enabling your organization’s IT team to spend more time on innovation and business-critical tasks.

Improve Agility

ITCubed offers a variety of redundancy and uptime guarantees to ensure your data and applications are there when you need them. And, you can easily access your development platform with just an Internet connection and Web browser.

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