How Do You IT?

An original video series on technology and businesses making a difference

Jason Lee on Relationships + Tech

Jason Lee, VP of Exponent Advisors, talks with ITCubed’s CEO, Chad Barron in this episode of How Do You IT? about the value of relationships, motivation, and technology in at home and work.

Lee touts the importance of putting personal relationships first in all areas of life, especially within the field of wealth management. A self-proclaimed “people person”, Lee’s view on empathetic service is a refreshing take in the financial world. In addition, the two discuss the increased need for upskilling as most industry technology rapidly changes the nature of work. With continual technological advances, on-the-job skills and customer-facing digital services must keep pace.

Connect with Jason Lee online to keep up with his projects, community involvement, and professional services. Or learn more about Blonde Biscotti, the episode sponsor, and the mother and daughter duo who started the bakery in Houston and leveraged the pandemic disruption to dive into digital services.

Thaddeus Shaffer on the History of Military Technology

Filmed in Huntsville’s H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum, “Thaddeus Shaffer on the History of Military Technology” celebrates the service and commitment of the men and women serving in the armed forces.

Shaffer, army veteran and managing director of SKW & Associates chats with Chad Barron, CEO of ITCubed, about the history and expansion of military technology from Shaffer’s days as an O3 Infantry Captain and how data retrieval and analysis play an integral role in his current work with SKW. ITCubed chose H.E.A.R.T.S. to pay tribute to the veterans who have served across all branches of the United States armed forces and encourage the public to support the museum’s ongoing work with the veteran community.