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Virtualize Your Server for Improved Performance, Security and Cost Savings

Virtual hosting services allow you to run multiple “virtual” websites or applications from a single machine, giving you better manageability, performance, scalability and security. ITCubed, a provider of managed IT services in Houston, makes deploying to a virtual server environment simple, and we keep your virtual server (VPS) properly partitioned, updated, managed and maintained.

VPS Hosting Services by ITCubed

Virtual hosting gives you complete control over your server, but without the responsibility of upkeep and management. Plus, as your business grows, you can easily upgrade the amount of storage space, RAM and processing power based on your needs. ITCubed offers several affordable VPS hosting options, and can help you through the whole process of migration and deployment.

How can ITCubed Virtual Hosting Services help your business?

Enhanced Security

Database security is vital for most businesses today. Your ITCubed VPS is monitored 24/7 for threats and alerts. Plus, security patches and antivirus applications are regularly updated for your protection and peace of mind.

Grows as You Grow

Virtual hosting gives you the flexibility to scale up or down so you always have the bandwidth, storage and processing power you need. Pay only for the server space and specifications you need, and adjust your plan quickly and easily.

Technical Expertise

You need to have the right people to manage your virtual environment without creating financial and management challenges. Our well-trained experts handle your virtual server hosting so there’s no need to hire extra employees to manage it.

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