Certainty with integrated Cloud Solutions

Increase Revenue, Reduce Expense, Mitigate Risk

Certainty with integrated Cloud Solutions

Increase Revenue, Reduce Expense, Mitigate Risk

Productive. Flexibility. Power.

Migrate Your Team To The Cloud For A Powerful, Seamless Experience.
Work Anywhere Anytime

Enterprise cloud technology increases productivity and agility so you can stay competitive in an evolving digital world. 


Microsoft Office 365

Leverage the power of the cloud with cost-effective, enterprise-class Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration tools. Large teams can work together from any location in a secure, connected environment. ITCubed manages your entire Microsoft 365 environment including enterprise migration, account permissions, employee onboarding and offboarding, and system updates.


Run a more profitable business with Azure, the leading cloud computing product for business. Enjoy the benefits of IT infrastructure – servers, storage and networking – without the burden of hardware and maintenance. Data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible through the internet for ultimate mobility and flexibility. Virtual hosting lets you run multiple applications from a single machine, giving you better manageability, performance, scalability and security.

Microsoft Teams

One of Microsoft’s ultimate collaboration tools, Teams is more than just video conferencing. Connect, create, and share within one platform that keeps everyone on the same page. Companies have the power to sync their internal knowledge through Sharepoint so every file is accessible with the click of a button. Organize your workforce with the Teams within Teams feature so every employee can connect directly with their department or project no matter the distance.

Virtual Desktops

Harness massive computing power without the upfront cost of hardware upgrade. Virtual desktops allow you to install and run specialized applications or access large files from your local device through a cloud interface. Increase speed, storage, and power virtually to match any project on the job.


Seamlessly collaborate across your organization with Microsoft’s ultimate content storage and sharing system. Sharepoint acts as a secure intranet on cloud where your team can create, store, share, and organize knowledge within your organization from any location. All work create within Microsoft tools like Word or Excel are easily stored and access within Sharepoint. Upload external files, like photo and video, with ease and organize entire databases of company knowledge and content with ease.

Cloud Servers

Increase computing power and agility with cloud servers. Virtual environments provide the scalability and affordability businesses need to stay competitive. Customize a virtual server to your business’s unique needs and access the network anytime, from anywhere. Cloud-based servers provide the security and power you need without costly infrastructure and dedicated space.

What Our IT Will Do For You

Increase Revenue

Intelligent technology and cloud computing systems are vital for business growth. A vCIO who understands business strategy can help you streamline IT services and cloud computing options that ultimately increase revenue potential.

Reduce Expense

Our Smart IT strategy centers around operational efficiency and leverages technology solutions to reduce overhead and lower your overall expense.

Mitigate Risk

Cyber attacks & data vulnerability are the leading cost to big business. Let us improve your cybersecurity protection and secure IT with dedicated managed support and planning.


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You need the best business IT service and strategy to thrive in today’s digital environment. ITCubed’s team of technology experts design custom IT solutions for businesses nationwide.

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