Securing Your Manufacturing Operations

Cybersecurity Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Securing Your Manufacturing Operations

Cybersecurity Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Safety. Resilience. Assurance.

Safeguard Your Manufacturing Business with Advanced Cybersecurity Services
Specialized Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Manufacturing Needs

Protect your manufacturing operations from cyber threats with our robust cybersecurity services. Our experienced team provides comprehensive protection against attacks, with solutions tailored to fit your unique manufacturing environment. Stay ahead of cyber threats and keep your production data secure with us.


Mail Protection for Manufacturing

Strengthen email security, ensure communication continuity

Protect your manufacturing organization from phishing, malware, and spam with our Mail Protection service. We provide advanced solutions that secure your email communications by scanning and filtering potential threats. With customizable settings and continuous monitoring, your manufacturing communications are safeguarded.

Mail Protection min
NextGen AV min

Next-Gen AV/Endpoint Detection & Response for Manufacturing

Enhance endpoint protection, bolster system resilience

Our Next-Gen AV/Endpoint Detection & Response service offers top-tier endpoint security for your manufacturing business. With advanced threat detection and malware protection, we keep your manufacturing systems secure from evolving cyber threats. Our solutions include remote worker protection and the latest antivirus software to protect your operations.

24/7 Security Monitoring (Managed SOC) for Manufacturing

Continuous vigilance, robust security

With our 24/7 Security Monitoring (Managed SOC) service, our cybersecurity professionals ensure your manufacturing systems are protected from cyber threats round the clock. Our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center actively monitors your network to detect and counter security incidents. Benefit from uninterrupted threat monitoring, network security assessments, and rapid incident response.

Security Monitoring Managed SOC min
Network Vulnerability Scanning min

Network Vulnerability Scanning for Manufacturing

Proactive defense, improved network security

Safeguard your manufacturing network with our Network Vulnerability Scanning service. We perform thorough cybersecurity assessments using advanced scanning tools and penetration testing. Our vulnerability management services help you identify and address potential threats before they disrupt your manufacturing operations.

SaaS Backup for Manufacturing

Secure SaaS data, ensure quick recovery

Protect your valuable manufacturing SaaS data with our premier SaaS backup solutions. We provide fast and secure online backup for all your SaaS applications, with automated backups and speedy data recovery options.

SaaS Backup min
Persistent Threat Hunting min

Persistent Threat Hunting for Manufacturing

Unrelenting threat detection, enhanced security

Our Persistent Threat Hunting service continuously monitors your manufacturing network and systems to detect and neutralize advanced threats before they cause harm. We use advanced threat hunting techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities, offering top-tier persistent threat hunting services to protect your manufacturing operations.

Zero Trust for Manufacturing

Strengthened security, rigorous verification

Our Zero Trust Security solution assumes no inherent trust in any user, device, or application. It offers advanced protection by verifying users, devices, and applications before granting network access, providing a secure Zero Trust Model tailored to your manufacturing environment.

Zero Trust min
SIEM min

SIEM for Manufacturing

Constant surveillance, comprehensive protection

Safeguard your manufacturing IT infrastructure with our SIEM solutions. Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and response to security threats across your manufacturing network. With SIEM integration, we swiftly identify and investigate incidents to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Dark Web Scanning for Manufacturing

Protect against hidden cyber threats

Our Dark Web Scanning service monitors the Dark Web for potential threats and stolen manufacturing data. Our proactive approach to Dark Web monitoring and protection keeps your manufacturing business safe from the hidden dangers of the Dark Web. Stay ahead of cyber threats with our top-tier Dark Web Scanning Services.

Dark Web Scanning min

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