Industry Solutions


Need an IT infrastructure built around security, reliability, and mobility? Every energy provider is different, and we work with you to understand your unique needs. ITCubed complies with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations and streamlines your technology operations for daily efficiency. Teams can work faster with integrated applications across any location.


Provide your firm with sophisticated technology solutions to ensure sensitive employee and client data is secure and protected at all levels. As the digital landscape changes and cybersecurity risks evolve, financial providers and consultants rely on trusted IT strategies to deliver unparalleled services with minimal risk.


Manufacturers and suppliers need powerful connectivity and end-to-end IT systems to get the job done every day. Keep your business up and running with an IT service provider that goes the extra mile to help you grow. Partner with ITCubed for 24/7 tech support, technology budgeting, and IT strategy planning as the tools and software you need to get work done evolves.


Distribution is an integral link in the supply chain that keeps companies stable. To deliver excellent service to your clients, your IT network and computing power must be powerful and reliable. ITCubed plans and manages the entire IT infrastructure so you can focus on daily operations. With over a decade in the industry, our vCIO services can help you build a more robust service model with technology strategies that increase your capabilities and fulfillment goals.


Better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication and collaboration. ITCubed offers healthcare IT solutions in Texas specially geared toward small and medium-sized medical practices that deliver the uptime and performance you need, while keeping you compliant with federal HIPAA regulations.


Integrate your in-office and remote teams with secure IT service and flexible collaboration tools. Managing large amounts of data and documents can be simplified with the right tech stack and integrated systems. Keep your internal teams connected and your clients secure with IT solutions for legal offices.

Looking for more details about how healthy, secure technology systems can enhance your company’s performance? We’d love to chat with you and share how our industry IT Solutions have streamlined business operations and accelerated growth in companies across the nation.
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Cyber Threats

Cyberthreats and ransom attacks are increasing exponentially every year and business leaders are tasked with protecting their companies, assets, and  employee and customer data. As your dedicated IT partner, ITCubed can help  secure your data and create disaster plans to lower risks.


Take control of your company’s workflows and processes with smart IT solutions that increase efficiency and streamline routine tasks. Research on workplace productivity finds that teams spend nearly 30% of their time each week on duplicate work.

Quality Control

Measuring client satisfaction and quality control can be daunting for some businesses without the necessary technology software and tools. Our IT strategy consultations can help identify the best methods and tools to monitor performance indicators important to you.


Process automation with the right technology applications can save your team valuable working time by automating repetitive tasks. Knowledge workers can output higher quality activity that directly translates into value for your business.