Managed IT

Desktop Support

From simple system updates to peripheral and software installation, and from malware removal to full system rebuilds, ITCubed is your partner for reliable computer tech support.

Data Backup & Recovery

Whether it’s due to human error, natural disaster, power blackout or cyber attack, your business needs to be prepared in the event tragedy strikes. With managed data backup and recovery, you can get back to business as fast as possible.

Advanced Security Endpoint Protection

We partner with the best advanced level security protection in the business and go well beyond the standard in the IT industry. With ITCubed you can ensure your businesses is protected.

Server & Network Solutions

Our Server & Network Solutions are top notch. They are driven by how fast, efficient, and secure your business can be giving your employees additional time to do more revenue generating work for the company with less hassle.

Virtual CIO Services

ITCubed’s vCIO helps you review your business operations, assess your technology needs, align IT infrastructure with your business strategy, develop plans, budgets, & roadmaps, implement policies, maximize vendor relationships and make the most of IT management and cloud solutions.

Vendor Management

We have relationships with most major phone, computer, server, networking equipment, security system, print/copy/fax equipment and application vendors, and will ensure you get the best prices and service.

Cloud Computing

Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting services allow you to run multiple “virtual” websites or applications from a single machine, giving you better manageability, performance, scalability and security.

Server Colocation

Don’t let server downtime cost you money. Server colocation services provide you with the confidence of knowing your server is always up, online, available and housed in a secured data center.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud development and hosting solution that alleviates the burden of provisioning, managing and administering your IT infrastructure.

Office 365 Management

Take the complexity out of switching to Office 365 by allowing ITCubed to handle migration, system integration, support and more.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers the benefits of physical IT infrastructure (servers, storage and networking) in an on-demand, scalable and pay-as-you-go package.

Application Hosting

Host Windows or other applications on the cloud, then run them on a laptop, desktop or mobile device via a secure login.

Custom IT Solutions

Wi-Fi Networks

ITCubed designs and deploys Wi-Fi network solutions that are stable, reliable and dramatically improve the overall flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Structured Cabling

Network design and consulting, cable rewiring, data center cabling, installation of copper and fiber-optic cables, compliance testing, system administration and more. We handle it all!

Server Migration & Deployment

Whether you’re looking to increase security, upgrade performance or migrate to the cloud, you can count on ITCubed to make your transition as fast and seamless as possible.

IT Consulting

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver independent, unbiased evaluations and recommendations to help you meet your goals.

Let’s IT Together.

At ITCubed our mission is providing expert and innovative technology solutions with a customer-first approach that will take your business to a higher power. ITCubed serves all 50 states.

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    Big Ideas Yield Big Results.


    Research shows that most business owners and entrepreneurs know that they ought to systematize their business and processes, but the typical process is a “seat-of-the-pants” system based on whatever the person responsible for the process or activity decided to do.


    By leveraging technology, your organization can improve agility and control which directly translates into increases in Working Capital fueling growth.

    Quality Control

    Measuring Customer Satisfaction is not as straightforward as measuring revenue streams or website visitors, making it hard to set up clear Customer Sat goals; however, there are some great methods and metrics out there designed exactly for this purpose.

    Cyber Threats

    95% of Cyberattacks leverage email, making careless or uninformed staff the most likely cause of preventable security breaches. Hackers are no match for human error.